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We use clothing to express ourselves through our Signature Style

How to Find Your "Signature Style"


Have you ever purchased an item that you liked, and that fit well, but you just never got around to wearing it? Whenever you tried it on at home, for some reason it didn’t “feel right”, and you put it back in the closet?

We use clothing to express ourselves through our Signature Style. Your signature style is the overall wardrobe theme that is age appropriate, flattering to your Body Type and coloring, and reflects your unique Style Personality.  

Everyone has her own unique "Signature Style", which is often a combination of the six general style personalities  described below:  

The 6 Style Personalities  

When you're thinking, "I'd like to "find my style", there are six general Style Personalities to consider: Classic, Romantic, Dramatic, Natural, Creative, and Elegant.

This is not about being “boxed in” to one particular theme, but to recognize the underlying characteristics in the styles that we are drawn to the most. Therefore, your unique Signature Style may include the elements of a couple of these style personalities.

As you contemplate the descriptions below, think about what styles you are most comfortable wearing. After careful consideration, you will be able to focus on a combination of a select few, and you will realize which ones are not your best choices.

The Classic Style:

  • Traditionally classic clothing styles, not trendy items
  • Quality fabrics
  • Most items are neutrals; accent pieces and accessories add color to the ensemble
  • An example would be black skirt or trousers and a pink twinset
  • Medium length hair, natural in color (no “edgy” colors or styles)
  • Simple accessories, small to medium in size
  • Neutral makeup
  • Conveys proficiency, authority, trustworthiness

The Romantic Style:

  • Romantic, feminine clothing (ruffles)
  • Soft, luxurious fabrics; textured fabrics like satin & lace
  • Vintage clothing is a favorite
  • Medium to long hair that is curly or wavy; light to medium natural toned hair color; often wears hair accessories
  • Soft makeup in pinks and lavenders
  • Small to medium accessories in a delicate or antique style; scarves; pearls
  • Conveys gentleness

The Dramatic Style:

  • Bold, daring, confident, body conscious clothing in non-classic styles; fabrics often have glitter and shine
  • Clothing designs have structure and drama; an example would be an asymmetrical hemline or one-shoulder top
  • No fear of mixing colors, patterns & styles; large prints, geometric patterns
  • Dramatic, non-traditional hairstyles – very long or very short hair, with dramatic use of color in either shade or application (bold, chunky highlights for example); an asymmetric haircut is another example
  • Distinctive, eye-catching large accessories with sheen and sparkle; shoes are never conventional
  • Conveys glamour and sexiness; the dramatic girl likes being the center of attention and is confident in her distinctive look

The Natural Style:

  • Classic--styled clothing that is casual and relaxed; quality fabrics like tweed, cashmere and crisp cotton; menswear styles
  • Natural, “wash & go” hairstyles in natural color tones
  • Minimal, makeup in natural hues
  • Minimal, simple, sporty accessories
  • Conveys a friendly, relaxed image; athletic; not much into fashion, prefers a T-shirt & jeans

The Creative Style:

  • Artistic clothing ensembles are styled in unique, unpredictable combinations
  • Hair can be worn in any style, length or color
  • Any size or shape accessories; body piercings; non-conventional hosiery colors
  • Conveys confidence in her distinctive attire

The Elegant Style:

  • Formal, polished clothing that is in the classic style, in luxurious fabrics like silk and cashmere
  • Monochromatic ensembles keep the look streamlined – for example, black wool trousers and a black turtleneck
  • Classic hairstyles, very neat and controlled; natural style and color
  • Neutral makeup - soft lip and eye makeup with more attention given to "dramatic" lashes
  • Accessories are genuine stones and pearls, or excellent quality costume jewelry in simple, classic styles; scarves are a favorite accessory
  • Appreciates hand-made clothing, superior styles and quality
  • Conveys authority, dignity and wealth
Fashion and Style are NOT the same thing - learn to select the best wardrobe choices for you

So What is Your Style?


Your "Signature Style" is a reflection of your personality, demonstrated through the clothing you choose in your unique tastes and preferences.

Ideally, your clothing selections should be styled in such a way that the end result is:
  • age appropriate
  • flattering to your body type
  • flattering to your hair and skin coloring
Once you have identified your "Signature Style" and body type, you'll avoid future fashion mistakes by selecting only the most flattering clothing items, and you will feel comfortable and confident in what you wear!  

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