Work With Me

Work with me and my boutique! Start your own online fashion business sharing clothes you love, without the risk or a huge financial investment...

If you like the clothes you see here in my boutique and further down on this page, and have been dreaming of starting your own fashion business working from home, we should talk!

    General Info

    This opportunity is ideal if you:

    • are looking to start a fashion business working from home.
    • are looking to diversify another business such as a boutique, tanning salon, etc.
    • are looking for a complement to a side-hustle that you're currently involved in.

    I've put together some starter packages that offer several advantages over those offered elsewhere. Here are the main details you'll need to know:  

      • Get started today for as little as $348
      • Get free clothing when you partner with me - clothing value received starts at $475 with the $348 package
      • Monthly cost: $99 (month-to-month, cancel anytime if you decide it's not right for you)
      • Monthly ongoing clothing value received for the $99 monthly payment: $130
      • Commission earned 25% - 32%
      • Shopping discount 25% (you can use this when spending your free clothing credits for even more value!)
      • No additional monthly requirements for purchases, sales quotas etc.
      • You won't need to place any orders for customers or handle any shipping or returns

    There's a lot more info on how this is structured as far as income potential is concerned, what's included in the business packages, and how it all works - I can provide those details to you later.

    Serious inquiries only - message me to learn more.

    Not sure yet?  That's ok - follow me on Instagram where you can learn more about what I do on a daily basis!