After watching the video, you may take some time to consider how you'll want to incorporate this with what you're already doing.  If you're not already, go follow me on Instagram to learn more about what I'm doing in my business.


Hi, I'm Mimi at Angelina Belle Boutique

THE PACKAGES BELOW ARE ONLY AVAILABLE WHEN JOINING USING THE LINK PROVIDED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.  Once you’ve purchased your shopping spree I will be notified immediately and will fulfill the remainder of your start-up package. 

Best Value: Get Started with My Exclusive Ultimate Fashion Business Builder Package


  • These packages illustrate how I'm offering the business opportunity to my network.  Now obviously, depending on what you carry in your own boutique you may or may not be interested in becoming an affiliate of my boutique.  If not, that's totally ok!  When you join my team you'll still get the benefits of the Angelina Belle gift card and the discount.
  • But the point is, you'll be offering this same opportunity to YOUR customers, creating a limitless new income stream as well as increasing your current sales! (Obviously, you would structure your start-up packages as you see fit in your own business.)
  • Affiliate commissions for Angelina Belle boutique are as stated in the packages, but there is possibility of increased commissions down the road depending on the amount of volume you bring to my boutique.



Standard Shopping Spree Packages

The image below shows the standard Shopping Spree packages that are available to all new Brand Partners and can be purchased here.

Remember to add the $99 monthly style club to your order.

While the $99 style club is not required, I don't recommend joining without it.  The style club will give you $110, $120, and then $130 ongoing shopping credits monthly so you can purchase (at your 25% discount) at least one outfit to wear as a sample. 


These two videos will give you a good feel for the company vibe.  It is truly a positive community.  I'm so glad to be a part of it and I know you will be too!





Ready to join? 

Yay!! I'm so excited to work with you! I can't wait to see how this impacts your boutique business!




Still thinking about it?

I get it.  It's a lot of info.  I'm sure you have a bunch of questions.

I'm here to answer any questions you have!  Just send me a message and let me know how I can help. We can chat via email or we can hop on a call.

Want to try a product first?

I didn't, but I totally understand. I saw the huge business potential of being able to offer my customers these amazing clothes AND partner with smart boutique owners like you, while helping them diversify their business and add additional income streams.

However, I felt 100% confident about the quality of the product because I trusted the person who introduced me to the brand.  But if we've just met, I get that you may need to see for yourself.

Take a look at some of the products, or I can recommend some of my favs and best sellers. 

The Ada Kimono is very popular -  its a great layering piece, and can also double as a fabulous swim cover-up.  I like to recommend this one to my prospective customers because its something she'll get a lot of use out of, and with the $25 off discount its a great price.

Ada Kimono layering piece or swim cover up

I can also make recommendations on the different types of leggings and bras, depending on your needs (high impact/Yoga, loungewear, etc.)  

Ask away! 

Told you that was a lot of info!  I'm happy to help you get all the details you need so you can be confident in your decision - just send me a message!