Work with Me - Home Based Fashion Business

Hi, I'm Mimi! Welcome to my online boutique, Angelina Belle.

Do you love fashion and genuinely enjoy helping other women look and feel beautiful?

If so, I can help you start your own online fashion business doing your own unique version of what I do when you partner with me and my boutique by joining Savvi as a Brand Partner.
I am able to provide my Brand Partners several unique advantages to team up with me to promote the apparel from Savvi and Angelina Belle:


  • bonuses and perks like additional free clothing and discounts above what's offered by Savvi Corporate with purchase of an Experience Pack
  • diversified clothing offering which will make your fashion business unique and thus can give you an advantage over other brand partners
  • a duplicatable framework that you can use to grow your own team if you choose to

Joining as a Brand Partner will allow you to start your own online fashion business working from home sharing clothes you love, without the risk or a huge financial investment.

This opportunity is ideal if you:

  • are looking to start a fashion business working from home.
  • want to start your own business but do not have a lot of money to invest 
  • are looking to diversify another business such as a boutique, Yoga/fitness studio, tanning salon, etc.
  • want to complement a side-hustle that you're currently involved in (Beachbody/fitness, cosmetics, skin care, health + wellness supplements, etc. - as long as its not a direct fashion competitor)

No inventory is required.  When you purchase an Experience Pack, you'll also receive free shopping credits for the boutique to help you get started!  There is really no reason not to chase your dream of working from home in your own business!

Have questions? Let's talk!

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